HIV RNA (Early Detection) Test

The Fastest and Most Accurate HIV Testing

We are the only testing agency that makes use of the FDA-approved HIV RNA Test, which provides the fastest and most accurate HIV testing. The most common methods look for the levels of antibodies in the blood that fight HIV. On the other hand, our RNA-based test directly detects the presence of HIV virus in the body. Thanks to our test, you can get yourself tested in as little as 9-11 days from exposure. As our test makes use of a small blood sample, there is no uncomfortable undressing or swabbing necessary.


Do I have to share a blood sample or urine sample for HIV RNA test?
HIV RNA Early Detection Test makes use of a blood sample, and only a small amount will be drawn by our lab technicians.

Is there any preparation required for the test?
No, there is no preparation required from you for the test.

When is the right time to take the HIV RNA Early Detection Test?
The HIV RNA Early Detection Test is highly accurate, and can provide conclusive results in as little as 9-11 days, since the exposure. We take pride in being the only online STD testing service to use FDA-approved HIV RNA Early Detection Test. Unlike other tests, which look for antibodies produce against HIV, which takes quite some time, the RNA-based HIV test detects the virus itself in the plasma. That is why, HIV RNA test is the most sensitive and accurate test in the market.

What do the test results mean?
A negative test result means that there were no traces of HIV in your bloodstream. A positive result means that the HIV virus was detected in your bloodstream. However, a positive result does not essentially mean that you have AIDS.

Is HIV curable?
Although HIV is not curable, it can be treated with the use of antiretroviral drugs. If the HIV infection is detected at an early stage in the body, the onset of AIDS can be prevented. HIV compromises the immune system of the body, and makes it weak. This essentially makes a person more prone to other diseases and infections. Therefore, HIV positive tested patients are recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and remain disease-free to enjoy a long life, despite being affected by HIV.

Who should use HIV RNA testing?
Going by the statistics, substance abusers, gays, bisexuals, people living in poor conditions, and young people in the age group of 13-29 years of age are generally more prone to catching HIV infection. They are usually the ones who engage in practices such as unprotected sex, or sharing of needles. People falling into these categories should get themselves tested for HIV every year.

When is the right time to take the RNA-based HIV Early Detection Test?
There are an estimated 1.4 million HIV infected people, living in the USA alone. More than 50,000 new infections are diagnosed every year across the country. In the face of such high statistics, there is a very high chance that your sexual partner might carry the HIV virus. If you recently had unprotected sex with your sexual partner, then it is imperative that you take an HIV test within 9-11 days of the exposure. Further, if you are unsure of the sexual health of your partner, you should take the 10-Test Panel test to rule out the possibility of all STDs.