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It is your right to have complete control over your sexual health. But, the first step towards a safe, and sound sexual health is getting yourself tested for any STDs. However, STD tests can often be embarrassing in a variety of ways. From uncomfortable undressing to swabbing to awkward conversations, getting yourself tested for STDs might sound like a very foreboding exercise. Not with! With us, you get complete privacy. All your tests are done in private, and none of the results appear in your permanent medical data. Further, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of undressing or swabbing, as we use only urine or blood samples for testing. So, you only spend 5 minutes at the testing center.

With, you get the complete advantage of FDA approved tests in Nevada, which are highly accurate and superfast, giving you rests as early as 1-2 days. Our testing process is so fast that you can book a test today, and get yourself tested for all the STDs on the same day. This is your opportunity to take complete control of your sex life. Now.

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Why You Should Get Yourself STD Tested at


We have some of the most sophisticated and advanced testing centers in the country including the state of Nevada. All our testing centers are CLIA-certified. They make use of FDA-approved testing procedures to ensure high accuracy, and safety during testing. Get yourself tested at any of our nationwide distributed testing centers.

10 Reasons Why is Your Best STD Testing Partner in NV

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  1. 10-Test Panel – Our 10-Test Panel covers all the major STDs. The all-inclusive testing package is the most comprehensive testing package, and covers syphilis, chlamydia, Hepatitis A, B, & C, Herpes 1 & 2, HIV 1 & 2, and gonorrhea.
  2. Absolute Convenience – You can get yourself tested for STDs at any of our 4,000+ CLIA-certified testing centers. They are conveniently located across the nation, so that you can easily access them in NV. In fact, some of them are even open on Saturdays for your service.
  3. Complete Confidentiality – Nothing about your test or its results are ever disclosed to anyone. We are bound by the same HIPAA laws that doctors are subjected to. Further, to ensure complete confidentiality, we do not share the testing information with anyone, including your insurance company. In fact, we make sure that none of it appears on your permanent medical record.
  4. FDA-Approved Tests – All our STD testing procedures are FDA-approved. Our centers are frequently ratified by various regulatory bodies. It goes without saying that all our testing centers strictly follow various legal guidelines – federal, state, and local.
  5. CLIA-Certified Labs – Our sophisticated and advanced testing centers not only strictly follow the standards set by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), but also exceed them. Naturally, the accuracy of our tests is impressive, and best in the industry.
  6. Superfast Testing – You can get yourself STD-tested on the same day of booking the test on our website, without even getting an appointment. Once you book the test, you will get an email from us, and you are sorted. Visit your nearest testing center, and get yourself tested without even booking an appointment.
  7. Quickest Results – You receive the test results in as little as 1-2 days after taking the test. Further, if you want updates on the status of your testing results, you can contact our counselors anytime you want.
  8. Simplified Experience – You don’t have to endure any waiting at our testing center, or suffer the hassle of fixing an appointment. Book your test, and walk into our testing center directly. 5 minutes is all it takes for our lab technician to get your blood or urine sample, and that’s it. You are good to go. You will be receiving your test results within a day or two, directly on your registered email ID.
  9. Multiple Payment Options – We accept different payment modes to make it easy for you to use our services. We accept credit cards, eChecks, gift cards, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and many others. You can call our counselors to check whether we accept any other payment method. We do not accept health insurance in order to protect your privacy.
  10. Affordable pricing – Despite providing you state-of-the-art testing services, we do not charge our customers exorbitant prices. Our prices are affordable and anyone can get our quick, safe, and highly accurate testing services to regain their control over their sexual health.

Word of Advice

You need to understand that most of the STDs are silent in nature. This means that they do not exhibit any symptoms for many years, even if they are slowly taking over your body. So, if you are sexually active, then the only way to make sure that you are free from all types of sexually transmitted infections, is by getting yourself tested for these diseases. So, book your test with us now in Nevada. Hurry!