Oral Herpes Test

Testing for HSV-1 (Oral Herpes)

Our doctors use the type-specific ELISA (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay) test to look for specific antibodies that fight herpes-1 virus in the blood. The test requires only a small amount of blood sample, which basically does away with all those uncomfortable undressing and swabbing.

Oral Herpes FAQs

Does oral herpes test make use of blood or urine sample?
We require a small sample of blood for testing the antibodies against the HSV-2.

What are the preparations required before the test from my end?
You are not required to make any preparations before the test.

What is the right time to take an oral herpes test?
It is generally recommended to take the oral herpes test 4-6 weeks after the initial exposure to the virus. If you had unprotected sex, then oral herpes test should be part of your list of routine STD tests. In particular, you should place more importance on the test if you exchanged body fluids like semen or saliva with an infected person.

What do the test results mean?
If your test results are positive, then it means that traces of the oral herpes virus were found in your blood. Likewise, a negative result means that there were no traces of the oral herpes virus in the body.

Is oral herpes curable?
No. Oral herpes is not curable. However, it can be managed to a great extent with antiviral medications. Its symptoms, outbreaks and transmission of the disease can be greatly controlled.

Who should get tested for oral herpes?
Any person who has come in contact with infected body fluids like semen or saliva should get tested for oral herpes. Also, people who have unprotected sex are the most prone to the infection. The HSV-1 virus can lay dormant for a long time without producing symptoms. That is why, it is important that sexually active people undergo oral herpes tests to maintain their sexual health.

What is the right time to get tested for Herpes – 1?
If you recently had unprotected sex with someone whose STD status you are not sure, then you should get yourself tested for oral herpes. Further, if you engaged in unprotected sex, then you are particularly prone to the infection. In any case, you should get yourself tested for oral herpes between 4-6 months of exposure. This should be followed by another test after 3 months from the initial test, to confirm the test results.

Further, if you have an active sexual life, and it has been a year since you tested yourself for all STDs, then our doctors recommend that you take our 10-Test Panel test to know your STD status. Timely diagnosis can not only prevent serious health effect, but even save your life.

What if my Herpes-1 results come positive?
If your oral herpes test turns out to be positive, then you can call our doctor for free consultation and talk to them about the infection. They might even suggest a particular treatment, or refer you to an oral herpes expert, at their own discretion.