Doctor Consultation

Consult experienced physicians at no extra cost

We provide absolutely free phone consultation to everyone who gets positive results for in their STD tests with us. The only exception here is Oral Herpes. Our network of well-known doctors is ready to answer all your doubts and guide you through the treatment you should undergo. We also make sure that you have all the information about the medical care that is available to you.

STD testing lab technician

How does it work?
Once you receive your test results on email and have tested positive for the test, you will be entitled to a phone consultation with our doctors. You do not need to pay anything for this session. You can use this opportunity to ask all your questions on how to interpret the test results, gain more information about the disease, learn about the precautions that you should take, and the future course of action.

Can they prescribe any medication?
Yes, our doctors can write you a prescription, if you test positive for gonorrhea or chlamydia. However, this is completely at the discretion of the consulting physician.

How do I figure which tests I need?
Our STD Test Recommender Tool is the best way for you to ascertain what all tests you should take. This tool has been designed and approved by our physicians. You need to fill up a short questionnaire, and on the basis of your responses, the tool will evaluate your risk of contracting a particular STD and recommend you the tests you should take.

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