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Doctor Recommended Comprehensive 10-Test Panel

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If you have been recently exposed to any of the causal agents of STDs, the 10-Test Panel Test is the most accurate and reliable way to check your STD status. The 10-Test Panel is essentially the go-to test to get a comprehensive report on your STD health. The panel tests you for all the major STDs. This comprehensive STD test has been created by our doctors to bring you guaranteed results within record time.

HIV early detection

The HIV RNA Early Detection Test is especially noteworthy, because it helps in the detection of the virus within only 6 days of exposure. What is more, it is absolutely accurate after 9 to 11 days of infection.

Complete STD Testing at Unbeatable Prices

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Most patients are not sure about when they should get tested for STDs. After the sexual encounter which exposed you to the risk of catching STDs, the initial few days are a crucial time for testing the presence of infection. Too early, and the test will not be able to detect the infection. Conversely, too late, and the infection stands a chance of inflicting irreparable damages to a person’s health. Moreover, different STDs can be detected at different stages of infection. Our physicians suggest that the right time for testing is about 3 weeks from the time of exposure. This helps in delivering the most accurate test results. The test should be repeated after 3 months to check for any relapses. You can also get yourself tested for any specific STD, if you have a reason to believe that you have been exposed to it. Alternatively, you can use our doctor-approved Test Recommendation Tool to get advice on the tests that you should take.

Why Choose for STD Testing?

  • Respecting the privacy of our patients is our top priority and we undertake all the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality of all your information.
  • The RNA-based HIV Early Detection Testing is an FDA-approved test that is offered only by our testing services
  • With 4,000 testing centers spread across the country, you are never far from one of our well- equipped facilities
  • The physician approved 10-Test Panel is a comprehensive test that can be undertaken in case of a recent exposure to causal agents of the most common STDs
  • Your test results will be delivered in as less as 1-2 days. The results are directly mailed to the patient.
  • If the test results are positive, then we also offer free consultation with our doctor, except in the case of HSV-1
  • Each and every test conducted at our testing centers is approved by our qualified physicians

How Can I Get Myself STD Tested With

We are completely committed to making the testing process hassle-free and smooth for you. We offer you the choice of selecting the testing center nearest to you. Once you have ordered a test, you will receive the Lab Requisition Form and the test code on the registered email ID. When you take the form or the test code to the selected center. There, the lab technician will check your test code, and will collect the corresponding sample – blood or urine – from you. It hardly takes 5 minutes and you do not need to reveal any information to the test center other than your test code. The results will then be emailed to you in just 1 or 2 days.

Should I Take an appointment?

No, appointments are not a necessity. However, direct walk-ins are not accepted by our testing centers. You have to place the order either online or on the phone, and make the payment to us. Only then will you receive the test code corresponding to the STD test that you have picked. You can take this code to any of our 4,000 test centers located across the country, deposit your sample, and get the reports online. You will find our testing centers operating on normal working hours during the week, and some of them collect the samples on Saturdays too.

Will Anyone at the Testing Center Know Which Test I am Taking?

No, the entire process is very discreet. Our labs conduct tests for many diseases and infections, in addition to the STDs. So, nobody can infer that you are in for an STD test. Moreover, the entire procedure will be complete within 5 minutes. You come in, give the sample, and you are out. There are no waiting areas, because they are not needed. You do not even have to come to collect the report. It will be mailed to you directly.

Is this private?

Yes, absolutely. We take sound measures to ensure that the confidentiality of the tests is maintained. Of course, we follow all the guidelines of the HIPAA, and all the other industry best practices.

Moreover, we have designed our processes in such a way that even the technician taking the sample will not know your name; all they have is a test code. Moreover, your tests do not go into your medical records or be shared with your insurance company. Even your financial statements will not reflect any payment towards any STD tests.

How Does the Free Doctor Consultation Work?

If any of your STD test results come out positive, we offer free telephonic consultation with our doctor, except in the case of HSV-1. As per their complete discretion, the doctors can discuss the treatment, precautions, and refer you to an expert, if required.

Are There Any Preparations Required Before Taking The Test?

For most tests, there are no typical preparations that need to be done beforehand. Only in the case of gonorrhea or chlamydia, where urine samples are needed, the patient will have to hold their urine for at least an hour before the test.

How Early Can I Get My STD Test Done after ordering?

After you have ordered the test, you have to wait until you receive the Lab Requisition Form and the unique test code. Once you have these, you can immediately go to one of our many testing centers to deposit your blood or urine sample. Our testing centers will be open at regular office hours on all weekdays and a few are open even on Saturdays as well.

How Long do the Lab Visits Last?

We understand that some patients may not feel comfortable sitting in the waiting rooms and filling up paperwork for an STD test at the lab. So, we have completely eliminated the waiting part, and any formalities at the test center. It is hardly a 5-minute visit, where the technician just collects your sample. Then you are free to go.

Am I Supposed to Bring Anything to the Lab for my Test?

You only need to carry the Lab Requisition Form we mailed you or the unique test code to the test center. The lab technician will collect suitable sample from you at the testing center. Other than this, there are no other formalities that will be needed at the test center. From selecting the test to making the payment, everything is done online or on the phone. You will even receive your test results on your email ID.